Friday, November 13, 2009

Online and Social Media Marketing:A primer for Certified Public Accountants

I spoke at a CPA breakfast yesterday and wanted to share with you my slides. I recommended SEO and trying out Twitter, which would be my recommendation to all small businesses or independent professionals.

The focus of this presentation centered around three areas:
  1. Search engines >> index Web sites
  2. Local search directories >> index business listings
  3. Social media sites >> index conversations


  1. Terrific presentation Erin. By coincidence, I had a meeting with my accountant earlier this week, discussing exactly this topic. You were of course able to deliver much more technical detail than I could.
    I forwarded your presentation to him to help him better understand how and what SEO and social marketing can do for his firm.
    Thanks for sharing your presentation!

  2. No problem! I almost feel like it's a bit of a mission of mine to help small businesses become enlightened to the opportunity online. I know they are very busy managing their business, but with such cost-effective marketing via search engines, and with the growth rate of people searching online for services and products that these businesses sell, I think it's a shame to see anyone *not* get involved in online marketing, particularly SEO. Even if you just take a class or try to understand it on a high level so that you can hire the right person to do it for you, it will help you set your own expectations, establish goals and standards for results and make the most of the opportunity.


Thank you for commenting on my blog post! I really appreciate the conversation. -Erin

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