Friday, April 2, 2010

Leveraging Web Analytics to Increase Conversions

I gave this presentation yesterday at the first ever Market St. Louis conference in downtown St. Louis, MO at Lumiere Hotel.

I was asked to make this a pretty basic introduction to using Google Analytics, and when I asked the attendees how many were already using analytics on their site, only 5 raised their hands. We had mostly small business owners and entrepreneurs in attendance, so I think the presentation fit them. However, even if you have already been using analytics for a while or use it regularly, you may still get some value out of reviewing this. What I did was outline my personal 4 best uses for analytics:
  1. Troubleshooting problems
  2. Tracking & Increasing Conversions
  3. Gaining Business Intelligence about your visitors
  4. Monitoring Performance
Big thanks to @MarketSTL (Will Hanke) for inviting me to speak. I enjoyed it!


  1. I'm surprised to hear only 5 people raised their hands! We install Google Analytics for all of our clients that we create web sites for - it's a great tool for them to really understand the workings of their site traffic and its sources. (

  2. I'm not surprised only 5 people raised their hands. It seems nearly every business person I have talked with doesn't even know what analytics are?

    Owners need to get more involved in their web marketing process if they want to be successful and if they want know whether or not their SEO person is doing a good job.

    Love to learn more about "What companies are researching yours". Good resources???

    Great talk Erin!

  3. I want to see video of you giving this presentation.

    How can we mock a PP deck?


  4. Great presentation at #marketstl, Erin! Being one of those 5 people who raised their hands, I took a lot of notes and tweaked my Google Analytics settings based on your recommendations. Thanks for putting the dashboard into perspective for me because I was getting lost in the enormous amount of information on the Analytics page. Best of luck in CA!


Thank you for commenting on my blog post! I really appreciate the conversation. -Erin

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