Friday, April 2, 2010

The Social Media Rolodex: Using Social Media Effectively for B2B Business Development

Yesterday, I was the featured speaker at the esteemed Business Marketing Association's St. Louis chapter monthly luncheon. I was honored to have been offered the opportunity since they've featured recent speakers like Steven Woods (@stevewoods) of Eloqua (also, author of the excellent book, Digital Body Language) and in a few months, their speaker will be Kodak's CMO, Jeff Hayzlett.

That's pretty great company to be included with!

So, I met some excellent marketing professionals and business owners, and my presentation focused on how you can use social media sites to grow your professional network and drive more business in a sales role with a B2B company. I spoke from experiences having worked closely with folks at Perficient who are doing exactly that, and I made recommendations about which sites are ideal to focus your energies on in this capacity. You can view my presentation below, via SlideShare.

I also recently attended a luncheon by the St. Louis BMA in which Scott Davis (@ScottDavisShift) was the featured speaker. He is the author of the best-selling marketing book, The Shift: The Transformation of Today's Marketers into Tomorrow's Growth Leaders - an excellent read!

The St. Louis BMA has become an extremely valuable event for me, but unfortunately, now that I live in California, I won't be able to take advantage of it each month by attending their monthly luncheon series. I recommend anyone working in marketing (especially in a B2B or lead generation capacity) and living in St. Louis to sign for their alerts, start attending the luncheons and get involved. They are clearly embracing the opportunities that exist for marketers in the interactive and integrated marketing space.

Big thanks to Michael Flavin (@michaelflavin) Carin Schulusky and the rest of the BMA STL team for inviting me to speak and coordinating the event!

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  1. Thanks, for sharing. This will be extremely beneficial when sharing with the team on how to develop strategies for clients. (

  2. Erin - You are doing some great work! Keep it up. You're entire blog is full of great tips. I will be deploying some later this week. Have a great Easter! - DH

  3. Like this presentation alot - was thinking can we collaborate and create a H2P (Hospital to Patient) or H2C (Hospital to Consumer) version of this? Lets talk. Nice

  4. Erin you are right on I really think the more people embrace the social space it will make communication in the space even better. Trouble is getting people to see it's power. I currently work for a major hot tub manufacture and they just this month joined Twitter. While they still don't fully embrace using it to connect with the consumer. After all spas and hot tubes are a social thing. You have got a very informative blog here keep it up.


Thank you for commenting on my blog post! I really appreciate the conversation. -Erin

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